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What Happens When Someone ks waldemar grzeszczuk Dies And Doesnt Have Family?
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What Happens When Someone ks waldemar grzeszczuk Dies And Doesnt Have Family?

She got my number 5 mos ago from my ex’s phone and called to tell me she was the other woman. I wish that you came to your father and talked to him, if he is still alive I hope you go and talk to him one last time. I often wonder what he wouldve said. He said goodbye to a lot of people.

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  • My Dad just never cared, while my Mom made my childhood a living hell.
  • My heart goes out to you at hearing of the sudden loss of Ramona, your wife and love of your life.
  • I cannot talk to my Mom about this because now she is very fragile with congestive heart failure.
  • There’s nothing wrong with crying after the death of a loved one.
  • I said yes to taking full time care of her, but did not think she would live as long as she did.

While I was angry with my sisters for not helping, NOT WANTING TO HELP THEIR MOTHER who had done so much for them over the years. Taking care of their children, cleaning their houses, going to their kids soccer games yada yada, I just could not understand their disregard for our mother. I had so hoped to be just a bit of a team, However, that ks waldemar grzeszczuk ended up never being the case. It would not be unusual for a widow or a woman who has lost a child to death to dress in black the rest of her life. Other rituals that extend the period of mourning include holding masses for a specific dead person at several local churches over the weeks following the death. (Again, family and friends are expected to attend.) Families also visit the deceased's grave often for months after the burial and hold a special mass on the first anniversary of the death.

Post Loss Checklist

Unfortunately, he distastefully appears to be selfish. I believe in the principles of LOVE, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS for ALL. However, I do not feel he possesses the qualities to give the same to others. In a world of givers and takers, I have discovered that Art is a TAKER! It was inappropriate for Art to marry a young lady 40 years younger than himself, especially before the corpse of his wife was barely cold.

It was still challenging, not saying it was easy, but I did that. I set it in stone and then we met and we talked and we laughed, and we had a great time, and he never crossed the line. He never did his old behaviors and I got to know him again from a new place.

Reasons Why The Death Of Someone You Didnt Like Can Cause Complicated Grief Emotions:

Found out later that the girl then accused each one of his co-workers of fathering the baby and forced them to pay substantial amounts of money. My brother spents hundreds of thousands of dollars to PI lawyers for a paternity test and found out he was not the father. After listening to your show for so many years, I feel as though I knew you and your dear wife personally. So this comes as a shock to my system to hear that she has departed this life so suddenly.

I have lost so many people and my friends have abandoned me too, I think they think I’m the angel of death. I just don’t know what to do right now. I come from a big family and they’ve gone. My dad died when I was years ago this year and my mum 2 years ago.

We Relate To How They Died

My brother died 2 years ago of sleep apnea. He worked 2 jobs though and he must have fallen into a deep sleep and couldn't wake himself up. So, before you pronounce your fucking idiotic medical opinions, make sure you know what you are talking about. Right on, Visitor, about keeping your ears open to children & spouses with congestion from colds or asthma. (Same goes for sleep apnea, which can kill in seconds.) Basically, if you love someone who has a breathing problem, you make damn sure you can always hear them at night.

Her husband left her after that. She was a nice woman, but her husband thought she was nuts and left her after that. They'd had a long marriage before that. Art Bell hurts people with his scams. His saying he always tells the truth on the air. I can't believe this guy is going to go on like nothing happened.

To Release Grief And Sorrow

Art, you don't know me, but I know you. I am very sorry to hear of your sudden loss. I hope, and I know, that you will perpetuate her memory by continuing to push forward the frontiers of radio in all its many facets.

All you have to do is SHOW UP. You do not have to “bury the hatchet” or make a big show or hash out your differences. I have seen those types of displays at funerals and it is not appropriate. Just wear a conservative outfit, show up and leave when it is polite to do so. I feel like I can speak to this from the other perspective. That is, of one with a spouse that seems unsupportive, even possibly vindictive during my time of grief and family need. Even if that family has not always been there for us the way we would expect.