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100 Easy Drawing Tutorials For Beginners And Beyond!
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100 Easy Drawing Tutorials For Beginners And Beyond!

With that said, it is all about fostering a lifelong creativity, not being a professional artist someday. This is something that’s been so fun to watch develop in my own kids as they move from scribbles to representing what they’re interested in. The uncanny valley looks shallow, but is perceptively DEEP. One cannot learn to paint like me or compete with my vision without the process time. Let’s assume for a moment that Greg is correct, and this will only impact the “low end” jobs. Let’s also assume that artists use this as a reason to “git gud”, and that they have the time, and ability to do so.

paintings small children mainstay
  • Only a teddy bear holding a bouquet of blooming roses, created by your own hands!
  • It doesn’t have to be Halloween to enjoy drawing a spooky and haunted house.
  • Draw a beautiful landscape meadow of wildflowers, or take inspiration from botanists through history who meticulously sketched and documented wildflowers in the field.
  • Plenty of inspiration for a beginner or experienced artist.
  • Snap a photo of yourself or try drawing yourself while you look in a mirror.

How about we dive into something a little it more serious like drawing the human body? The human body is extremely complex, but the features are roughly the same. The first thing you need to have a handle on when drawing a body is the proportions. So, dive into this tutorial from Improve Your Drawings and learn everything there is to know. How 2 Draw Animals shows you how to draw a simple tabby cat that makes a great beginner sketch for putting what you learned above about animal fur to good use.

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You can choose to sketch an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar. Practice your hand-lettering by illustrating one of your favorite quotes, sayings, or verse from a poem. It doesn’t have to be Halloween to enjoy drawing a spooky and haunted house. Don’t forget details like cracked windows and bent railings – and maybe even a few spirits peeking through. Aquariums are beautiful habitats for all sorts of fish and can include plants or even decorative items.

Gold, It Makes The World Go Round Drawing

If you're interested in gesture drawing, this video course by Brian Lee will show you all the secrets of this technique. In this video, drawing instructor Phil Davies will explain to you one of the most important concepts in drawing—value. In this video, Clint Cearley will tell you everything you need to know about perspective in drawing—how to use it and why it's important. There's a simple technique called "coil drawing" that you can use for various applications.

Headphones Easy Drawing

Try drawing something inside of a lightbulb for an illuminating challenge. Ladders are another great exercise for drawing perspective. There are also many different kinds of ladders – from step ladders to paint ladders to imaginary ladders that climb all the way to the clouds. Tunnels are a great way to practice drawing perspective, especially if you are drawing the view from the beginning to the end of a tunnel.

Unicorn Coloring Tutorial

You can draw a turkey – it’s as simple as tracing your hand. Of course, you could always opt to draw a turkey that’s a bit more realistic. You can draw them comic book style or practice creating new patterns using a basic speech bubble shape. Optical illusions play with lines, shadows, and depth to create images that aren’t always what they appear to be. Play around with different ideas until you get a drawing that makes you look twice. Every kid knows if you blow on a dandelion and make a wish your wish will come true, much to the dismay of gardeners everywhere who view them as weeds.

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Know your nose with this tutorial — Of all the facial features, the nose is one you might not give a lot of thought to. But don't ignore it—this feature helps define the face. We'll go over the anatomy of the nose and how you can draw it in a realistic way. Make your own drawing of a sea turtle — Follow this illustrated guide to learn how to draw a sea turtle in pencil and then go over it in ink.