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Mexico Welcomed 12 Million International Air Travelers So Far In 2022
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Mexico Welcomed 12 Million International Air Travelers So Far In 2022

At the moment, Ciudad Juarez has the highest level of violence in the country. Despite the fact that the second weekend of the annual Baja Fest in Rosarito Beach has yet to take place, there has been no official cancellation. It is common for women travelling alone to encounter harassment and verbal abuse. There have been numerous cases of sexual assault, rape, and harassment against Canadian women.

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  • Despite the fact that the United States does not have a COVID restriction in many European countries, there are still nearly two dozen countries where it is permitted.
  • Whereas the week before, it was around 13,200 new infections daily.
  • Evidence shows that vaccines are very effective at preventing severe illness, hospitalization and death from COVID-19.
  • No matter what type of traveler you are, everyone loves traveling to places where their money will go far.
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Armed groups operate independently of the government in many areas of Guerrero. Members of these groups frequently maintain roadblocks and may use violence towards travelers. U.S. citizens and LPRs have been victims of kidnapping in previous years. There are no other restrictions on travel for U.S. government employees in Durango state. There are no other restrictions on travel for U.S. government employees in Coahuila state.

Treat Yourself To A Day At The Beach

Your medical insurance back home almost certainly would not cover such a catastrophic event in a foreign country. This is why travel insurance coverage can be so important when traveling to Mexico, or anywhere. While Mexico can be generally safe, you never know what may occur. In reality, Mexico is widely a very friendly country rather than a crime-ridden place to be afraid of.

Brazilian nationals must schedule a consular appointment via theappointment systemimplemented by the Ministry of the Interior. Online and in-person cooking classes with locals around the world. Learn to cook new cuisines and travel from your own kitchen with our latest online cooking classes. Three years later, I crossed the border at Laredo/Nuevo Laredo, launching a three-month-long journey across all of eastern Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Travel To Mexico, According To Mexico

These facilities provide care to U.S. citizens throughout Mexico and include child behavior modification facilities, rehabilitation facilities, and assisted living centers. Be aware that individuals who attempt to circumvent local law risk criminal prosecution. Mexican authorities have made arrests stemming from surrogacy cases. Pharmaceuticals, both over the counter and requiring prescription in the United States, are often readily available for purchase with little controls. Counterfeit medication is common and may prove to be ineffective, the wrong strength, or contain dangerous ingredients.

Americans Warned Against Traveling To Mexico As Kidnapping, Crime Risks Rise

USA– PCR-type test – OR – Rapid antigen-type test, performed no longer than 72 hours before departing on the flight back to the U.S. Tourists can be out as late as they choose in all areas of Mexico. Some states in Mexico including Quintana Roo have closed night clubs and discos that do not serve food. The Jalisco New Generation Cartel threatened violence against anyone seen on the streets over the weekend in Northern Baja California. Hijackings in four other Baja cities led to the arrests of at least 17 people, according to Milenio TV.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that Mexico has a single culture or that you’ve “done” the country just because you stayed in Puerto Vallarta for a weekend once. Mexico is an ENORMOUS country and there are a lot to do in Mexico. Never assume that anything is going to start on time in Mexico. The person you’re meeting may not be there promptly, but they are coming.

The main health problem that visitors to Mexico face is the dreaded Montezuma's Revenge, which is really just a fancy way to say traveler's diarrhea. There are some pretty simple precautions you can take to avoid having this problem, though. The U.S. Consulate General in Tijuana has issued a travel advisory for Baja California due to gang-related violence. Tijuana and San Diego are typically among the busiest land border crossings in the world. Consulate in Guadalajara has issued a travel advisory to its staff, advising them to exercise caution and shelter in place.

To prevent infections, wear shoes on beaches where there may be animal waste. Do not swim in freshwater in developing areas or where sanitation is poor. Practice safe boating—follow all boating safety laws, do not drink alcohol if driving a boat, and always wear a life jacket.